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In the 21st century, communication is everything. Increased globalisation intensifies our need to tell each other who we are.

PressTribune gives countries the opportunity to tell the world about themselves. There are many sides to all stories…we aim to tell them all. Formed by people who are passionate about communication, London-based agency PressTribune produces international surveys which are distributed with one of the world’s most prestigious newspaper, Los Angeles Times.

Printed on three continents and distributed across major world cities, it reaches the most influential readers the world over, from senior politicians to corporate leaders. Through indepth interviews by experienced journalists and research by professional analysts around the globe, PressTribune goes beyond the headlines to build a portrait of nations that are eager to tell their side of the story to the rest of the world.

PressTribune, through its exclusive agreement with the Los Angeles Times, connects with one of the world’s most demanding audiences, taking potential contacts beyond statistics through insightful analysis of economic and political developments to communicate your message to people who share a common effort: the quest for reliable information.

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